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Absolutely love the duo, it's everything I need in 2 capsules. My skin, my gut, and my sleep have never felt and looked better.

Maddy O.

Where the power of science meets the potency of nature.

Safe & Natural Ingredients

Wherever possible, we've used organic, botanical ingredients sourced straight from nature. Some ingredients aren't available in an organic form, such as vitamins and minerals, so we've identified these in the products' ingredient lists.

Clinically Studied

Every ingredient we use in our products has been clinically studied and formulated with a dosage proven to work. Sera & Mattina supplements have been designed to simplify your wellness by making it easy and seamless to create healthy habits and see healthy results.

Clean & Curated

We care about what goes into your body. Our ingredient lists are highly curated - every single ingredient has been chosen with a purpose. If it doesn't support your wellness, we don't put it in. We never add junk, fillers or unnecessary ingredients to our supplements. To keep things wholesome, our supplements also use veggie capsules and Organic NuFlow Rice Hull, a clean and patented product that replaces the need for synthetics and anti-caking agents in our products.

Our products are formulated with your health in mind.

  • Vegan


  • GMO


  • Clinically


  • Organic Where Possible

  • Third-Party


  • Allergen


    Wellness from day to night

    Wellness from day to night

    Elevate your mornings

    Glow With Your Gut targets two of the most common wellness concerns in one capsule: skin health and gut health. Our capsules include potent ingredients that protect skin cell health, hydrate the skin and enhance collagen production. We've also included a blend of pre, pro and post-biotics that help to support optimal digestion (without the bloating and discomfort).

    Ritualize your evenings

    Rest & Digest has been designed to support your evening wellness routine, with a focus on restful sleep, stress relief and optimal digestion. Each capsule contains our PM Rest & Restore formula, which promotes deep restful sleep and reduces symptoms of anxiety and stress. We've also added our enzymatic blend to promote the breakdown of food and essential nutrients in the gut.

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