The Mindblowing Benefits of Morning And Evening Routines

The Mindblowing Benefits of Morning And Evening Routines

Do your mornings involve waking up late, rushing to get ready, and skipping breakfast? Or do your evenings consist of hours of laying on the couch watching "one more episode" on Netflix before you eventually pass out?

If these scenarios sound familiar, you are probably aware there is a better way. But did you know that people who do not have morning or evening routines are much more likely to experience stress, procrastination, and insomnia than those who do?

The first and last parts of our days are crucial. How we spend our morning determines how we handle stressors throughout the day. Likewise, the way we spend our evenings significantly impacts the level of rest we receive, which directly influences the next day. Not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why everyone should have a morning and evening routine

1. Routines increase focus and productivity

Following a morning routine provides structure and teaches you how to better manage your time. Including practices like journaling and meditation allows you to relax your mind and let go of any "baggage" from yesterday. This frees up mental space, increasing your ability to focus on today's tasks and think with a clear perspective.

What's more, if your day does not begin by rushing around and being late, you'll have the chance to plan your day. Taking five minutes to look at your schedule and determine the most critical tasks with a system like the Eisenhower Matrix is one of the top morning habits of successful people.

2. Routines help you sustain your energy

Morning routines increase your mental and physical energy as you start the day calmly and presently. What's more, research shows that exercise increases oxygen circulation so that your body can use life force more efficiently. This means you won't have those afternoon energy slumps or the associated sugar cravings.

3. Routines help you sleep better

While a morning routine gives you more energy throughout the day, an evening routine can improve your quantity and quality of sleep. If you struggle to switch off your mind at night, consider switching off your devices. 

An evening ritual that consists of meditation, reading, sipping green tea, and no technology will help you drift off into lalaland much easier. This is because the blue light from digital screens halts melatonin production, which is a crucial hormone for the sleep-wake cycle.

4. Routines prompt you to make better life choices

A routine is a series of habits that you perform every day. When creating a healthy morning or evening routine, you replace many negative patterns with positive ones. For example, suppose you always struggle to work out, so you introduce daily exercise into your morning routine. In that case, you will undoubtedly improve your health and wellbeing. However, each time you create a new healthy habit, you are more likely to generate other positive changes in your life. Plus, with the increased energy and reduced stress you feel thanks to your routine, you will feel less need to seek comfort in sugary food, alcohol, drugs, or TV binge-watching.

5. Routines are something all successful people have in common

One of the biggest things all high achievers have in common is that they all have a morning and evening routine. While the activities and rituals differ, all successful people understand the importance of building and sticking to daily habits. For example, Richard Branson starts and ends his day with exercise, while Tony Robbins takes time to focus by practicing gratitude and setting intentions.

What is a healthy morning routine?

As we all lead different lives, there is no set morning routine to follow. What's more, it's not essential to have a 2-hour ritual. So, if 30 minutes is all that is possible for you, you can still introduce a few of these morning habits.

  • Meditate
  • Practice gratitude
  • Exercise
  • Do some yoga or breathwork
  • Take a short walk
  • Drink a glass of lemon water
  • Take a cold shower
  • Make your bed
  • Take a gut supporting supplement such as our Glow With Your Gut

What is a healthy evening routine?

Like morning routines, evening rituals are personal. Still, try to dedicate between 30 to 60 minutes to do a few of the following things before bed.

  • Switch off all electronics
  • Read
  • Journal about your day
  • Drink a herbal tea
  • Do some light stretching
  • Take a bath
  • Prepare tomorrow's schedule 
  • Take your sleep supporting supplement such as our Rest & Digest

Whether you're looking to sleep better, increase productivity or find success, creating a morning and evening routine is one of the most powerful lifestyle changes you can make!

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